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Anonymous: oh so he doesnt love you? makes more sense.

Listen, just because we aren’t rushing into using the word love doesn’t mean I’m not involved in a mature, successful, understanding, caring relationship. I’m not ready to say that word either.

And what do you lack in your life that you have time to anonymously hate mail my tumblr account? You’re so sad, dear anon. I wish you the best.

Anonymous: hey even if another anon is spreading hate all over you face like some kind of hate bukkake you just can't get away from, you should respond kindly with a nice go fuck yourself please instead of insisting that they're an unlovable twat who should probably die a vicious death, since you're precious as all hell. with that said, how are things between you and your boyfriend and the whole "l word" thing?

I didn’t say anyone should die… :/ I don’t think anyone should die. but also, we aren’t saying it and it hasn’t been spoken about lol.

Anonymous: Anon is a twat, can confirm.

Much love, other anon.

Anonymous: lol how could anyone love you

I’m not really sure who you are, but I’m thinking who ever “loves you” is probably just as much of a pathetic waste as you are. It’s probably a beautiful relationship :) Unless you’re alone because you’re a cunt.

20 to now :*